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Fishawack Group of Companies

Established in 1997, Fishawack Archimed is a specialist provider of drug safety and regulatory communications, including pharmacovigilance support. Based in Switzerland, our clients are some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

In recognition of its integration into the Fishawack Group of Companies, a leading global specialist in medical communications services, Archimed has been rebranded as Fishawack Archimed.


The new EU pharmacovigilance legislation represents the biggest change ever in pharmacovigilance (PV) activities in the pharmaceutical industry. The risk of drug withdrawal is increasing for those products on the market that don’t meet the requirements for high-quality reporting of safety data. The ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible medical treatment for patients. This is achieved through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the benefits and risks of marketed drugs. In addition, transparent communication to healthcare professionals and their patients is a key requirement from health authorities.

Since 1997, Fishawack Archimed has supported pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with pharmacovigilance and regulatory support services.


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